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In Kind Gift Association

508 Harrison • P.O. Box 50789

Kalamazoo, Mi 49005-0789

Got Inventory?  Or Equipment?  Or Real Estate?

In Kind Gift Association teams with "non-profit" 501 (c) 3 corporations such as Points of Light Foundation to convert almost any non-cash donation into products and services that charities can use. Similarly, In Kind Gift Association can turn these gifts into cash for the "nonprofits". We do this by converting non-retail items into retail products that can be auctioned to the highest bidder on, a website operated by Points of Light Foundation.

In Kind Gift Association can convert last year’s inventory into blankets for the gospel mission. Or pallet racking into an awards banquet for hard-working volunteers from the Red Cross. Or industrial equipment into toys for disadvantaged children.
In Kind Gift Association works its magic through Midwest Business Exchange, a company that specializes in trading. With twenty-two years of experience, In Kind Gift Association has the staff to make sure your company’s non-cash donation will be directed to your choice of thousands of "nonprofits" across the country.

Don’t delay.  Call or email Jerry Howell, President of In Kind Gift Association, Omar Towghi, National Director, or Michael Hussar, account executive.

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