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In Kind Gift Association

508 Harrison • P.O. Box 50789

Kalamazoo, Mi 49005-0789


In Kind Gift Association takes non-cash donations to the next level.  Perhaps you have, at one time or another, donated clothing to Goodwill, or baby furniture to the local mission.

But what if you have a time share?  Or a motor home?  Or a boat?

You can now donate these and other gifts to any of hundreds of "nonprofits", all around the country.  That’s because In Kind Gift Association converts your gift into products and services the "nonprofits" need.  Or, through our association with, the "nonprofits" might generate cash from your gift.  Either way, it’s a great way to be a good citizen, move out what you’re not using, and realize potential tax benefits.  Remember, all participants of In Kind Gift Association are 501 (c) 3 corporations.

Don’t delay.  Call or email Jerry Howell, President of In Kind Gift Association, Omar Towghi, National Director, or Michael Hussar, account executive.

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