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In Kind Gift Association

508 Harrison • P.O. Box 50789

Kalamazoo, Mi 49005-0789


If you’re involved with fundraising for a "non-profit", you know the challenges.  Yet, if you’ve ever solicited in-kind or non-cash gifts, you know how easy it can be.  Companies that don’t have cash in their budgets are often more than willing to donate excess inventory, equipment, or real estate.  The hitch is your nonprofit doesn’t need what the companies have.

In Kind Gift Association offers a solution.  You can now accept almost anything - from Beanie Babies to forklifts.  From drill presses to real estate.  That’s because In Kind Gift Association can convert these products into ones that you need.  Perhaps your "non-profit" needs 4-color printing, toys, blankets, canned food, or even hotel rooms for a conference.  In Kind Gift Association can handle every detail.

There are other instances where your "non-profit" needs cold hard cash.  In Kind Gift Association can help here too.  Because of its association with Points of Light Foundation and, non-retail items can be converted into products that can be auctioned on the Missionfish website.

To learn more, contact us.  Jerry Howell is the President of In Kind Gift Association, Omar Towghi is the National Director, and Michael Hussar is your Account Executive.

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